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A few more stars opened up

It started here and continued here. I give you just a few more kindnesses from the Advent Calendar bounty before we move on.

Ongoing joys –  kindnesses to give throughout the year.


A little java joy.


And this below, good practice always…


For this one, I made my way to the Norton Simon and The Huntington – yep, a twofer. Love them both!


I did not catch anyone hopping and scotching, but I like to think people did. I would have. :O)


And finally…



Advent Calendar

Every year I have this ambition to create an Advent calendar, and I have held onto this magazine since the early nineties to help inspire me.

"Weihnachten" = "Christmas" in German
“Weihnachten” = “Christmas” in German


But almost every year for the last two decades, Thanksgiving whooshes by and it skids into December. The Advent calendar does not happen. I must confess, I’ve only ever made one Advent calendar  – until now, that is! I JUST MADE MY SECOND ONE!  Woohoo! I got super motivated from this post at Apartment Therapy. After seeing those amazing ideas, I determined to dig into my craft stash and come up with something.

EXCEPT – I don’t have little ones who can open up each day on the calendar and find a treat. What to do? Hmmm… I thinked about it. And like a light bulb flashing, the idea danced before me. I would fill my days with gifts to give to others. I gathered up ideas from Life’s Little Instruction Book, One Good Deed a Day and culled a few from my own heart. The gifts are just simple things – like giving someone a compliment, buying a coworker a latte or giving balloons to a stranger.

I typed out what I would give to others, printed those ideas and grabbed my cardstock, packaging paper and thread.



I made star shapes in PowerPoint and printed and cut them out. I then used them as templates to trace stars on the card stock and packaging paper.



Once I had cut out 50 stars from the packaging paper, I began matching up pairs and sewed them together by hand. But before the last few stitches on each one, I stuffed in the gift idea for that day along with a cotton ball (to give it some dimension).


I gathered my stars together…


and placed them on this brilliant blue poster board I scored at Blick. The plan was to attach a thread to each brown star and hang it from the edge of the poster. The yellow stars would be glued onto the poster itself.

Note: I just taped the thread to the back of the poster.


After I attached the stars, I needed to frame them. I grabbed some more cardstock and with my blade, free handed some strips for the edges.


Something was still missing …it needed some bling. Beads or sparkle? Sparkle! I sprayed the glitter all over the calendar.


I numbered my stars and hung my calendar.



True confessions:  I did not finish the calendar until December 7. 😀 I opened 7 stars last night and one this morning (lots of things for me to do today :). I couldn’t help smiling when I saw these precious little gifts I was going to give out.


P.S. Sorry about the glare on the calendar. Here it is minus 8 days and less glare. :O)