Sharing the love

I must tell you about a few of the treasures from my Advent Calendar (which I will do in my next few posts). I loved it. If you will recall, for each day from December 1 through 25, I had to give a small gift, often something with no financial cost, but something that took my time and effort. These were kindnesses from Life’s Little Instruction Book, One Good Deed a Day, and my own heart.

all the stars removed for sharing kindness
all the brown stars removed for sharing kindnesses

A few of my offerings…

pulled from a star, what a wonderful idea
pulled from a star, what a wonderful idea

January 26 - 1

When I hear the bells and see the red the kettle, I always think, “I get to drop something in there!”


Sometimes the gift was a little something for me…


And this one…this was one of my absolute faves. I went into a store and put a bill each in two coat pockets. I love this idea. I love thinking of someone putting his or her hand in the pocket and pulling out some unexpected cash!


What about you, any ideas for small but sweet gifts to give?


4 thoughts on “Sharing the love

  1. Such wonderful ideas for giving! I especially like the one about leaving money in the pockets of a coat. I can just imagine the look of surprise on that person’s face. You are a good egg for performing such thoughtful gestures. 🙂

  2. Love this!!! Yay for spreading the love…:D As far as other ideas: Something as simple as smiling at strangers… taking the time to tell folk they are amazing, wonderful, beautiful… paying for someone’s toll bridge behind you…(or entrance fee, etc.)…remember when a loved one says they desire something and then buy it for them as a surprise…

    1. Thanks! Those are great ideas. I love the smiling at strangers – not look the other way, not look down, or straight ahead but look straight at ’em and smile. It’s that easy! And, Yes, tell people they are amazing, wonderful and beautiful. 😀

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