To market, to market


That old saying, “the early bird gets the worm,” – woo-ee, definitely true about parking at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I think the entire San Gabriel Valley was there this past Sunday.  I did not get there until 11:40 am, so I ended up parking about a 20 minute walk from the entrance. Next time I go, I will fur sure be getting there earlier. And not just because of the parking, but because I found a GREAT find, only to discover it had a SOLD sign. The early bird got that worm too! ;o)

Anyway, I went in search of something that I could use as a makeshift hearth for my faux fireplace. I also needed wooden frames for the pictures I am going to paint and hang above my fireplace. I did not find anything for the hearth and although I did find wooden frames, they were not quite what I was looking for.

But there was lots of other cool stuff to feast upon. I wended my way through a labyrinth of stalls that held all kinds of wonders. Here are few pics from my excursion.

This first thing to catch my eye were these lovely textiles by Pacific & Rose.


Quite a bit of millinery was to be had.


Distressed furniture? Of course! :O)

Distressed furniture


IMG_1806 IMG_1810



On a large side lot, there were racks and racks of clothes and rows of rows of shoes.


So you as you can imagine, everything was there – all the usual stuff to be had at a flea market: milk glass, circa 70’s coffee mugs, dolls, LPs, trunks, jewelry, woodwork, crafts, plants…SO MUCH STUFF! And there amongst it all I found this, the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of table lamps. Or maybe it just needs to be in the right setting or maybe it just needs a new lampshade…I dunno.  Is it one of those, “it’s so 70s, it’s in” pieces? What do you think?

Lamp 3


4 thoughts on “To market, to market

    1. It has been so long since I have been to one. I felt like such an amateur. Next time, I think I do the early bird arrival. :O)

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