Downtown LA (DTLA) – Textile District

If there is one thing about me you must know, I love the Garment District and all the other attending “districts” in DTLA.  I’ve loved it since I first visited it in the 90’s – before DTLA began this big whoop-dee-do revitalization.  :O) What do I love about it?  The diversity. The scroll work on the old skyscrapers and their fire escape ladders. The merchandise. That ubiquitous smell of onions and hotdogs that permeates the streets (although I have never had one). And well, I love city. And DTLA is city!

I especially love the Textile District and since I am reupholstering my foot rests, I made my way down there last Saturday. AND since I was going to DTLA, I figured I could make a side trip and get some of Homegirl Cafe‘s amazing coffee. Only, I did more than get coffee. I saw the server passing by with this sandwich of stacked vegies and I could NOT resist it.  Turned out it was the grilled vegie and cheese made outrageously delicious with a jalapeno pesto!Image

Okay, after my outrageously delicious sandwich, I made my way downtown and caught the Redline to Pershing Square.

Pershing Square

From there, I made my way to Eighth Street, headed through the Jewelry District, and then through the Fashion District until I made it to what I consider my Textile District starting point: 8th and Maple.

8th and Maple

Then I began to browse. I knew I was after upholstery fabric, but I had to look at all the other goodies too.  The textile district, as you can guess, is shop after shop of fabrics, laces, ribbons, beads, etc. Just Dreamy.

IMG_1714  IMG_1716 IMG_1715


Okay, now some fabrics (don’t worry, we’ll get down to business soon).

IMG_1762 IMG_1761 IMG_1764



IMG_1730  IMG_1729 IMG_1728




I’ve reupholstered a couple sofas and then some with fabric from this place.


I go inside…


IMG_1754 IMG_1751 IMG_1739 IMG_1760 IMG_1758

Ah, Gorgeous, gorgeous reds. This I loved! If I had a different color scheme in my living room, if I had gotten a nice, blue sofa, this would have been a no brainer!


This bird pattern was another contender. Of course when I saw the price tag ($125!!!! per yard), well, let’s just say it became a de-contender.  What I would really love to do with this fabric is reupholster a chair and as it is, I don’t need to be taking that on (I gots to focus). Still these birds are just exquisite…*sigh*


And then I saw these foxes. All I can say is, fortunately, my sewing machine went to that place where all sewing machines go to die. Otherwise, I would have bought this little fox fabric with the intention of “doing something with it.” I just love this little guy. But yeah, that’s just what I need, another project! 😀


Okay, so let’s get down to the contenders. It came down to Exhibit A and Exhibit B (Exhibit B being the Paris motif since it is sliced in there with another).

Exhibit A
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit B

And the winner was? I choose Exhibit B because it was laminated fabric. All I could think was, “Wow, it would be so easy to wipe cat hairs off this!” But I think I will go back and get the other one too at some point and make a couple pillows from it .

Okay, you’ll bee seeing the footrest soon.

Have you ever been to the textile district?


6 thoughts on “Downtown LA (DTLA) – Textile District

  1. That veggie & cheese sandwich looks SO yummy! I like the Paris fabric that you chose. It makes me think of postcards & traveling. Since you are a world traveler it’s a good fit! 🙂

    1. aw, thanks! I do try to get about a bit – but would love see more of the world for sure. yeah, that sandwich was so good. I think everything I’ve had at Homegirll has been outrageously delicious!

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